Barcelona Cuts Ties with Israel Over “Apartheid”

In a controversial move circumventing due democratic process, Barcelona mayor Ada Colau “temporarily” severed ties with Israel over “apartheid” and denial of Palestinian rights. Colau pushed through her anti-Israel legislation mere weeks before it was supposed to face a vote by the city council. Critics speculate that the move was an attempt by the left-wing mayor to buy the votes of left-wing extremists and the substantial Muslim and Arab population in the city ahead of the May election. She gave no clarification as to which specific Israeli policies she deems “apartheid.”

Barcelona and Tel Aviv have enjoyed a special “twin city” relationship since 1998, which seeks to foster mutual tourism. Thousands of Israelis flock to the Spanish city on holiday every year, and in 2022 Barcelona became home to the first Michelin starred Kosher restaurant. Colau stated that her decision was nothing against Israeli citizens, only against unspecified government policies.

Please pray for justice in this situation. Please pray that Barcelonans won’t allow the ruling to pass uncontested. Lastly, please pray for the international climate of anti-Semitism in general, which continues to rise.

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