Attacks Over the Weekend

An Israeli civilian, an American and a Border Police officer were wounded and three Palestinian assailants were killed over the weekend as knife-wielding Arabs carried out attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Dozens of other Palestinians were wounded in violent clashes with security forces in Ramallah, Hebron and outside of Bethlehem.

On Friday, a man charged at pedestrians with a knife who were standing near the light-rail train station near Ammunition Hill. He stabbed a 22-year old American student in the chest who was rushed to the hospital with light-moderate injuries. The attacker tried to stab another student, but police and security guards shot him before he was able to. Unfortunately, in the crossfire, one of the bullets hit the other student in the leg.
In the region of Judea and Samaria, where the bulk of the attacks have occurred in the last few weeks, two Palestinian assailants drove a scooter up to the Tapuah junction checkpoint on a scooter and then drew knives and stabbed one of the Border Police officers stationed there in the hand. Border police killed one of the assailants and seriously wounded the other.

On Saturday morning, a guard killed a Palestinian terrorist at the Gilboa crossing north of Jenin. The Defense Ministry claimed that he was killed after he ambushed the guard from hiding behind a taxi. Also on Saturday in Hebron, 10 Palestinian rioters were shot and injured by IDF low-caliber rounds during a violent clash where some 100 Palestinians hurled rocks, firebombs, burning tires and firing marbles from sling shots.

*Above information was retrieved from JPost:

We ask all of you intercessors who are joining with us in prayer for the nation of Israel to continue in your fervent devotion to lay these current events before God and ask for wisdom, guidance, strength, peace, and godly resolution. We ask for wisdom for leaders from both sides of the field, both Palestinian and Israeli, that God would intervene on their behalf and bring His will for the Land into fruition. For so many, it is hard to understand the complexities of this conflict for there are so many people, history, and stories involved. Yet, we ask for a clear vision of God’s purpose and a heart full of love and forgiveness for all.

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