Attacks from Saturday and Sunday

Saturday afternoon, there was a stabbing attack in the Israeli city of Ra’anana where a Palestinian in his 20’s from Tammun attacked a man and a woman in their 40’s and an elderly woman in her 60’s. The man was in serious condition and rushed to the hospital where his condition was stabilized.

On Sunday afternoon, there were two attempted stabbing in Judea and Samaria. A tourist was injured in the stabbing near Bethlehem and the other attack occurred at a checkpoint in Hebron.

Sadly attacks are still occurring on a near regular basis after three months. Unfortunately, Israelis have begun to see this as the new status quo and are doing their best to continue on with their daily lives, despite the constant threat of surprise attacks at any moment, anywhere. Please pray for a cease to this kind of awful terror. We do pray for peace between peoples, but ultimately the lasting peace that comes only from the knowledge of a loving God.

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