The sharp rise of violence within Arab communities in Israel is getting more attention. Numerous Jewish Israeli activists are joining forces with Arab Israeli activists to combat the worrisome trend, and bring attention to it. One group of Jewish and Arab Israelis activists, called “Darkenu”(meaning “Our Way”), staged a protest outside the Prime Minister’s office in Tel Aviv this week, calling on the Israeli government to take more decisive action to combat the violence. Executive Director of Darkenu, Yaya Fink (who is a religious Jewish man), said “Eighty-eight murder victims from the beginning of the year is an unbelievable number…Our country knows how to handle incredibly complex situations, like bringing in the Iranian nuclear archives or demolishing tunnel infrastructures in Gaza. Our country can definitely confiscate the illegal weapons in the Arab community.” Fink went on to say that the way Israel treats its minorities is the ultimate test of Israel’s Jewish and democratic nature. Please pray for the violence to end immediately! Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as this is a very sensitive issue, but one that must be addressed. Lastly, please pray that this will unify Jewish and Arab Israelis as we seek the betterment of both peoples within the Land!

Source: jpost.com

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