Arab Israeli Delegation Denied Saudi Visas

Sunday, Saudi Arabia denied entry visas to a delegation of Israeli Muslims set to represent their northern village at a UN sponsored event. The United Nations recently nominated the Israeli Muslim village of Kfar Kama as one of the 32 best rural tourism sites of the year.

Kfar Kama is a picturesque village in the south Galilee district in the north of Israel and is home to Circassian immigrants who came to live in pre-state Israel after their expulsion from the Russian empire. The village has become one of Israel’s tourist attractions through festivals and events showcasing the Circassian culture and history with folk dances, storytelling and traditional costume and cuisine.

This Saudi denial of entry occurred amid rumors that the restoration of Saudi-Iranian ties caused tension between the Saudis and the Israelis. Saudi Arabia has been considered a potential addition to the historic Abraham Accords, and the denial of the visas signals a step back from a hoped-for normalization.

Please pray that the delegation would receive visas! Please also pray for the normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia and the continued advance of the Abraham Accords in general.

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