Anti-Semitism on American University Campuses

Anti-Semitism continues to increase on American college campuses with the latest examples being Princeton and (not surprisingly) CUNY (City University of New York).

According to a report Monday, Princeton approved course materials for the coming school year which accuse Israeli soldiers of organ harvesting Palestinians! This obviously baseless anti-Semitism calls to mind the blood libel of the Middle Ages, in which Jews were accused of killing children to make unleavened bread for Passover. Princeton has in the past received relatively good reviews in terms of anti-Semitism, making this new allegation more shocking.

On the other hand, CUNY is considered one of the most anti-Semitic campuses in the country. It recently came to light that CUNY is investigating four Jewish professors for a pro-Israel bias which leads them to “discriminate” against BDS activists. Anti-Semitism watchdog SAFE CUNY is currently providing legal defense to the professors.

College campuses are a canary in the coal mine for the culture. In other words, if this is how Jewish professionals (and students) are being treated today at CUNY, then chances are, the country as a whole is also headed in this direction.

Please pray for the immediate removal of the anti-Israel book from Princeton’s curriculum. Please pray for the legal proceedings surrounding the four Jewish CUNY professors. Lastly, please pray for the reversal of the anti-Israel biases which continue to gain steam at universities.

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