Anti-Israel Protesters at UK University Call for Violence

During a pro-Israel speaking event by Israeli Arab Yossef Haddad at a London university, hundreds of protesters gathered around the building, waving Palestinian flags, flipping off reporters, and even calling openly for intifada. “Wanted” posters sporting the speaker’s face advertised the protest in advance. Several protesters’ comments stood out, for example, one girl calling the Arab speaker a “terrorist” due to having served in the IDF (and despite his Arab identity!), and another student declaring that surrounding Arab armies should come to “liberate” the Palestinians. Protesters also inquired of security forces where the back door was, leading to concerns for the safety of the speaker and attendees.

This kind of event is unfortunately not unique on college campuses, both in the UK and in other countries. Another recent event by a Palestinian speaker was also cancelled recently at the same university, due to his pro-Israel beliefs.

Please pray for the safety of Jewish and Israeli students on college campuses. Their security continues to become more tenuous. Please pray for exposure of academic hypocrisy on college campuses. Lastly, please pray for the continued right to free speech in defense of Israel!

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