Another Lockdown Looming?

Could Israel be headed towards another lockdown? Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, said “Our goal is to not end up at that. We know when to pull the brakes. In order to not implement harsher measures, we must get vaccinated. There are a million young people and another 1.2 million who have yet to receive their shot. If we wear masks and adhere to social distancing, we will succeed.” Israel is experiencing its fourth wave of COVID, due to the delta variant. The infection rate rose to 3.3% with over 3,000 new cases reported yesterday. With the Jewish High Holy Days just around the corner, another lockdown is the last thing Israelis want. If, however, hospitals begin to fill up and are overwhelmed with critically ill patients, a lockdown might be inevitable. Please pray for Israel as we are in another wave of infections. Please pray for those critically ill, and for all infected persons to fully recover. Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as they face tough decisions in the days ahead.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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