Another Attack Sunday Morning

Early Sunday morning before sunrise, an Israeli teenager was stabbed at a gas station near the Old City. The victim was rushed to the hospital and the police shot the perpetrator with the knife still in hand. This attack happened just the morning after another Palestinian man, claimed later by terrorist group Islamic Jihad, went on a stabbing and shooting spree in the Old City, killing two men and wounding three others, including a mother and her toddler. The number of incidents that is hitting the news nearly every week, and now almost every day, is very disturbing. The security forces and government officials are trying to figure out how best to address and prevent these kind of crimes. Usually, they happen by ‘lone wolves’ within the city of Jerusalem or out in the settlement areas. Officials have restricted access into the Old City. Only residents, tourists, business owners and students living in the Old City will be granted access to Jerusalem’s Old City over the next two days. Access for Muslim worshipers to the Temple Mount is also restricted to men above the age of 50 with no age limit set for women. These attacks may be an attempt by some Palestinian groups to stir up enough tension that will start another Intifada. We ask that you pray with us against any act of violence, no matter who it comes from. We pray for the people of Jerusalem and the families living in areas near recent attacks. The amount of fear that builds up in these places only feeds the cycle of violence and terror to continue. We pray for the hearts and minds of Israelis who so easily burrow hatred and anger towards Arabs when they see this kinds of atrocious acts being committed. We pray for the Lord to soften the hearts of Israelis and plant seeds of love and forgiveness in them. We know the natural response is to seek revenge, but we pray that the Lord’s grace and peace will abide in their hearts.

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