Airport Closure Extended to March

Much to the dismay of many Israelis, the government is keeping Israel’s only international airport closed until March 6th. The Exceptions Committee decided that only cargo planes and six flights carrying 800 immigrants will be permitted to land. No other flights will be allowed to land or take off. The government closed the airport on January 24th in order to keep out new strains of the virus, and give time for more Israelis to be vaccinated. The vaccination campaign continues, with over 3 million Israelis having been vaccinated. While the British mutation spreads in Israel, it seems the South African and Brazilian variants have not gained traction. Please continue to pray for wisdom for Israel’s governing body as they decide matters that affect the everyday lives of Israelis. Please also pray for a successful vaccination campaign for all of Israel’s citizens. Lastly, please pray for strength for weary Israelis, who are ready to move forward from this pandemic.

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