Aircraft Trespasses in Israeli Airspace

On Monday morning a foreign aircraft entered Israeli airspace through Syria and was shot down over the Hula Valley in northern Israel. Authorities are investigating the unidentified aircraft’s origin and purpose, but as yet no further information has been released to the public.

This constitutes the second major incursion into Israel’s sovereign territory through its northern borders in the last month. Previously, a suicide bomber infiltrated Israel through its Lebanese border with multiple explosive devices and other weapons. According to sources in the IDF, his success in crossing the border was unprecedented and very serious; this latest incident appears equally concerning.

Israel is now facing rising tensions on many fronts, not least of which is to the north. Pleas pray for wisdom for Israeli leaders during this tense time. Please pray for effective Israeli deterrence on all fronts. Lastly, please pray for protection over Israeli citizens and security forces!

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