Aftermath of Operation “Home and Garden”

Israeli forces withdrew from the city of Jenin Wednesday morning after completing a two-day mission to eradicate terror in the Samarian city and restore deterrence against Palestinian terror. The IDF spokespersons’ unit described the operation, the largest in the area in nearly 20 years, as achieving its goals. IDF soldiers seized hundreds of illegal arms, explosives and even an improvised rocket launcher, as well as arresting over 120 wanted individuals. Sadly, one Israeli soldier, Staff Sergeant David Yehuda Yitzhak from the elite Egoz unit, was killed as the IDF withdrew from Jenin.

The backlash from the operation is already apparent. Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip shot five rockets at Israeli civilians overnight, leading to a reprisal attack on Gazan military infrastructure by the Israeli Air Force. Two terror attacks also occurred in response to the operation, wounding a total of 10 Israeli civilians. Armed civilians neutralized the terrorists in both cases.

So far the international response has been minimal, with the predictable exception of Arab states issuing condemnations of Israel. The US reiterated its commitment to Israel’s right to self-defense.

Please pray for comfort and closure for the family and loved ones of St. Sergeant Yitzhak z”l. Please continue to pray for a return of calm and deterrence in the area. Lastly, please pray for effective Israeli policy towards Jenin moving forward.

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