Hope for Israel is meeting the need to teach and encourage believers of all denominational backgrounds regarding Israel, as well as to re-introduce the Church to its Hebraic heritage that was lost through generations of misunderstanding and anti-Semitism. We want to help build a bridge in the gap between Israel and the Church worldwide in hopes that we can grow in a deeper understanding of the Word of God as brothers and sisters in the Body of Messiah.
Hope for Israel speakers are qualified to share on a number of topics, including:
  • The Seven Jewish Feasts—God’s Prophetic Timeline
  • Yeshua & the Passover
  • Why Jewish Believers in the Land Need Our Support
  • Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
  • Tabernacle Worship—How to Approach God
  • Havoc in the Headlines—What on Earth is Going On? A Look at Current Events
  • Is There Hope for Israel? A Biblical Perspective
  • Why did Yeshua start his ministry in Capernaum instead of Jerusalem?
  • What made Yeshua’s disciples leave everything and follow after him?
  • …Various other topics

Every year Moran and other experienced Hope for Israel affiliates travel worldwide on speaking tours to share about the hope of Messiah in Israel. If you would like more information on having a Hope for Israel speaker visit your congregation, small groups or relevant conferences please contact us by clicking below.

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