A Letter From Moran

Dear Friend of Hope for Israel,

Shalom! As you may have noticed, last September, we stopped posting Baruch’s weekly commentaries on the Parasha on our website. Baruch wrote these for many years as a service to Hope for Israel, even though he was never a staff member, and gave of his time and talents to bless our ministry. We are so grateful for the way he blessed us for so many years!

During the past years, Baruch’s ministry, “Love Israel”, has grown and he sensed that it was time for him to stop writing the weekly blogs and focus more on the work that the Lord called him to. Sadly, some have misinterpreted this as a problem which occurred between Baruch and I, and the reason for this letter is to make it clear that Baruch and I are very good friends, and in fact, we are still working together in partnership on other projects. There has not been any kind of falling out, and we are very much mutually supporting each other’s work for the Kingdom.

I would like to warmly endorse Baruch’s ministry “Love Israel” and encourage you to visit his website http://www.loveisrael.org/ where you can find many important resources, such as articles, books, and videos of his teachings.

For those of you who continue to follow the weekly Torah portion, you can find an archive of Baruch’s inspired and insightful commentaries on the Parasha at https://hope4israel.org/category/baruch/

In His Service and Love,
Moran Rosenblit
Founder and Executive Director
Hope for Israel Ministers
Jerusalem, Israel

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