Rosh Hashanah Project

The Jewish High Holidays that come every year in the fall are quickly approaching. The first of the holidays is Rosh Hashanah (September 24-26th.) This is a holiday when families gather together to celebrate the blessings from the year before and look forward to the coming year. Unfortunately, many families are struggling to make ends meet and trying to recover from the damages of the recent conflict with Hamas. In light of this situation, we want to give a blessing to struggling families by providing food packages for the holiday essentials so that these families can celebrate the goodness of the Lord. Please pray for the logistics of carrying out this project — funds, packaging, delivery, etc. Pray for the families who will receive these packages that the Lord will be the Provider for all of their needs. Pray that this upcoming season will be full of joy and thankfulness to God who is the Giver of all.

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