Prayer for the Truth to Prevail

After two days of deadly and serious attacks in Jerusalem, Petah Tikvah and Tel Aviv, it is incredibly saddening and disturbing that the actions of terrorists have either received praise, as in the case of Hamas and Fatah leaders, or have been seriously distorted from the truth, as we have seen in a number of international news headlines. Instead of condemning the attacks that led to the death of an American tourist, who had no connection to the conflict in Israel, yet lost his life because of pure hatred, the international community has yet to fully take a stance against the attacks that occurred yesterday and today. This is not the first time this has happened and it is clear that Palestinian leadership continues to praise the brutal activity of their “martyrs”, yet it is important that we remain in fervent prayer about this. Please pray with us for true justice to be had in each of these terror attacks and that there will be an awakening in the nations to the ever-growing divide between standing on the side of truth and with God, and the side of the world, who is choosing to come against Israel and support, or at least refuse to condemn, this darkness. May the truth and light of God and His Word grow stronger in the midst of darkness.

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