Multiple Prayer Requests

Over the past few days there have been several important events that we are asking your prayers for:
1. Currently there is a large fire that is spreading through a neighborhood right outside the city of Jerusalem. A house and several chicken coups have caught fire and dozens of firefighters are rushing to put out the fire. The neighborhood of Even Sapir is being evacuated. The cause for the fire is still unknown, sources are checking to see if it was arson. Please pray for the safety of the firefighters and the residents of Even Sapir and the surrounding area.
2. Rockets Overnight: Two rockets from Gaza landed in Israel on Saturday night. The siren did not go off, so thankfully no injuries or damages occurred. Please pray for continued security and protection against rockets being shot in from Israel’s borders, whether from Gaza, Lebanon, or Syria.
3.Extreme Weather: Please pray for protection from the blazing heat in Israel this week. It is reaching 44 degrees Celsius or 113 degrees Farenheit in some areas of the country.

4. After two consecutive days of Jewish extremist attacks, the Israeli and Palestinian public is in an outcry. The first attack was at the gay pride parade when six people were stabbed by a Jewish extremist. The following day, a horrendous arson attack happened in the very early hours of the morning where a baby was killed and the family seriously injured. These events have caused protests across the country, both within the Palestinian community and the Israeli. Please pray that the Israeli government will bring full justice to this family, that the injured will be healed, and that future retaliation attacks will not occur or be prevented.

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