HFI Intercessors Letter – 40 Day Fast & Prayer – May 2014

Dear Prayer Partner,

Shalom! This is a very special and different prayer letter. During the past few weeks, I have sensed from the Lord that He wants to do something new, fresh, and powerful in my personal life and in the ministry of Hope for Israel. To that end, I invite you to join me in a 40-day period of fasting and praying starting Tuesday, April 22nd and ending May 31st.

Why 40 days you may ask? Throughout the Bible, the number 40 is a significant number connected to transition and re-birth: for 40 days the rain fell during the time of Noah; the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years; Yeshua was tested for 40 days in the wilderness, etc.

It is important for me to say that while there is nothing wrong, I believe there is always room for growth and improvement. I am excited about what the LORD will reveal, heal, and challenge me to change in the course of these 40 days. Would you join me as we pray for one another, and seek the LORD for renewal and refreshment in our lives?

Please find below the daily prayer points; I believe that we will witness some great breakthroughs in our lives and the lives of those who around us. I pray you will be blessed in these next few weeks, and that you will experience powerful, personal encounters with the LORD…

Tuesday, April 22 – Preparation of the Heart
Please pray that God will prepare our hearts to hear Him, return to Him, and for a fresh anointing from Him.

Wednesday, April 23 – Prayer for Divine Encounters
Please pray for a new, divine encounter with the LORD during the period of the prayer fast. Please pray for all who are joining the fast to grow deeper in their walk with the LORD, and strengthen their witness to those around them.

Thursday, April 24 – Body of Messiah
Please pray for unity within the Body of Messiah in Israel and throughout the world; please pray that we will be of one heart and mind.

Friday, April 25 – Persecuted Believers
Please pray for strength and boldness for those who are being persecuted for their faith. Please pray for the salvation of the persecutors.

Saturday, April 26 – Against the Lie of Replacement Theology
Please pray that God will remove the veil from the eyes of those who call themselves followers of the God of Israel and yet believe in the lie of the devil that God has abandoned Israel and the Jewish people, and that the Church is the true Israel. Please pray for true repentance from a divine revelation of the truth!

Sunday, April 27 – The Rise of Anti Semitism
On the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day, please pray for God’s protection over Israel, the apple of His eye, and for His mercy over all those who suffer persecution simply because of their Jewish heritage.

Monday, April 28 – Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day)
Please pray for the salvation of all Holocaust survivors and for God to open the eyes of those who are blinded to the reality of what happened, and deny it. Lastly, please pray for Reconciliation and Forgiveness of all who still hold bitterness in their hearts from this very dark period in our history.

Tuesday, April 29 – Gathering of the Jewish People back to the Land
Please pray that the Jewish people from around the world will return back to Israel as an act of obedience to God. Please pray that Israel will welcome these Jewish sojourners back to the Land with open arms, and for smooth assimilation into Israeli society.

Wednesday, April 30 – The Two State “Solution”
Please pray against the plan of the two state “solution” and for God’s mercy on those take part in it, and are heavily pressuring Israel to make deadly concessions for “peace”.

Thursday, May 1 – People in Need in Israel
Please pray for the many struggling people in Israel today; the number of families falling below the poverty line is increasing, and many are having trouble simply putting food on the table. Please pray for God’s heavenly provision for them, and for His continued blessing on organizations who help those in need.

Friday, May 2 – Israel’s Defenders
Please pray for those young men and women who keep watch over Israel’s borders and defend her day and night. Please pray for their salvation, first and foremost, and for His divine protection over them. Please also pray for continued intelligence to prevent attacks before they happen, and for wisdom to keep terrorists at bay.

Saturday, May 3 – Arab Spring
Please pray that the current Islamic uprising in the Middle East will turn into a great revival for salvation in the Arab world.

Sunday, May 4 – Israel’s Enemies
Please pray for the salvation of Israel’s enemies, and that they will see that they are not fighting Israel, but the God of Israel.

Monday, May 5 – Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day for Victims of Terror and War)
Please pray for God’s comfort and healing for all of the families who have lost their loved ones during the different Israeli wars and terror attacks. Please also pray for healing for those who were wounded during those attacks.

Tuesday, May 6 – Independence Day
Please pray for the people of Israel to see that it was God who brought them back to the Land, and that true Independence can only be found in Him. Please also pray for safety during the celebrations throughout the world on this day.

Wednesday, May 7 – Sex Trafficking
Israel, sadly, is one of the top countries in the world for sex trafficking. Sexual slavery is a lucrative “business” in Israel, and it is bringing much darkness to the Land. Please pray for a breakthrough in this stronghold of the enemy in the Land and over the people of Israel. Please pray for stricter laws punishing those involved, and for the women and girls to be freed from the slavery.

Thursday, May 8 – Organized Crime in Israel
Please intercede for this serious problem that is rapidly growing in Israel. Please pray that the evil of organized crime will be stopped and that the Israeli police and security offices will successfully put an end to this phenomenon, which is getting worse.

Friday, May 9 – Ner Ya
Please pray for fresh anointing on our youth, that the Lord will revive and protect their hearts. Please pray for protection over our youth from the temptations of this world and for deep understanding of who they are and what God is calling them to. Please also pray for God’s wisdom for David, Sapir and Moran as we are seeking God’s direction for next year’s plans for our youth. Lastly, please pray for a permanent place for our youth meetings.

Saturday, May 10 – Believing Soldiers
Please pray for fresh anointing for our soldiers. Pray against the lies of the enemy in their lives and that they will remain strong in their faith during the service in the IDF. Please pray for boldness and open doors! Finally please pray for wisdom for David and Sarah and they lead this project.

Sunday, May 11 – Scholarship program
Please pray for wisdom for Tigist as she is leading this program and consulting the young believers once they finish the army. Please pray for wisdom for us with regard to the scholarships and for God to bring sponsors for this program.

Monday, May 12 – Moms’ Group
Please pray that God will lead Melissa as she seeks direction for the group. Please continue to pray for the mothers’ personal relationship with the LORD, that they will not neglect their first love in the busyness of every day life. Lastly, please pray that the mothers will be encouraged to take care of themselves – body, mind, & soul – in order to better care for their families.

Tuesday, May 13 – Building for HFI
Hope for Israel is in need of a building for all of the different activities of our work as well as for a permanent office space. Please pray for God’s wisdom with regard to this project, whether He desires us to have our own building, and if yes, please pray for a miracle of financial provision in which we will be able to buy a building without a massive campaign.

Wednesday, May 14 – New Staff: Media Department
We are still in need of someone to lead our writing and media department. Please pray for God’s provision for someone who is willing to serve the LORD through their gift of writing, editing, and use of media. Please pray that God will bring someone who will be a perfect fit not only for the position, but also for the family of Hope for Israel.

Thursday, May 15 – New Staff: Prayer Department
We are looking for someone in Israel to lead our prayer team in Israel and to coordinate prayer efforts throughout the world.

Friday, May 16 – Volunteers
Please pray for God to lay on the hearts of believers in Israel to volunteer their time and join us with our different projects. Please also pray that the LORD will provide us someone who can coordinate the various volunteers in projects that will suit their giftings.

Saturday, May 17 – Moran
Please pray for health, strength, wisdom, and discernment for Moran, as he leads Hope for Israel. Please also pray for numerous and effective opportunities to rest and recharge. Please pray that God would put His hedge of protection around the family and give Moran and Melissa great wisdom as they raise their three young children.

Sunday, May 18 – HFI Board
Please continue to pray for a fresh anointing of the HFI Board as they always have important decisions for the ministry in front of them. Please keep their families in your prayers as well, that the arrows of the enemy will not penetrate, but that the LORD will shield them.

Monday, May 19- Website Development
Please for fresh anointing for our website team as we are seeking to continue to grow the Kingdom of Heaven around the world. Please pray for God’s protection over our website team and their families.

Tuesday, May 20 – HFI around the world
We praise God that the Word of God is being spread around the world through the various ministry partnerships. Please pray for people to receive salvation and become effective witnesses for the gospel as a result.

Wednesday, May 21 – Speaking Engagements
Please pray for the HFI team as we continue to travel around the world as well as meet groups here in Israel. Please pray for a new and fresh anointing each time we speak.

Thursday, May 22 – Partners
Please pray for God’s protection over HFI’s many different partners around the world. Please pray that God will further more partnerships for the ministry wherever He sees fit.

Friday, May 23- Tour Department
Please continue to pray that the LORD will bless this aspect of the ministry and that He would bring more and more people to witness of His love on these tours, and to be a strong supportive voice for Israel. Please also pray for the provision of staff to support the growth, if the LORD sees fit.

Saturday, May 24 –Humanitarian Outreaches
Please pray that the ministry’s humanitarian projects will be far-reaching, and that the LORD will continue to provide the finances to support them. Please pray that those who receive help from the ministry will see God’s blessing through it and that they will come to know Him as a result.

Sunday, May 25 –Discipleship Book
Please pray for God’s blessing on our current work to write and publish a Hebrew-language discipleship book for new Israeli believers. Please pray for a quick yet thorough completion of the book by the end of the year. Please also pray that it will be an effective tool for growing and strengthening new believers.

Monday, May 26 – HFI Projects
Please pray for God’s wisdom in which projects to take on. As the days are growing short, so the need is growing and we need God’s wisdom with regard to which projects to take on and in what ways He desires us to be involved. Please pray for God’s touch in the lives of all who are being blessed by those projects.

Tuesday, May 27 – HFI Staff.
Please pray for fresh anointing, wisdom, unity and protection for David, Sapir, Tigist, Joanna, Sarah, Patty, Chris, Mike, Melissa and Moran.

Wednesday, May 28 – Jerusalem Day
Please pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), which is the recognition of Yeshua the Messiah! Please pray for God’s protection over Jerusalem, which will be the final “cup of trembling” for the Nations who rise up against Israel. Please also pray for great wisdom for Israel’s leaders, that they will not cower to pressure to divide Jerusalem with the Palestinians – or any other people for that matter.

Thursday, May 29 – Salvation of Israel
Please pray that the message of the Kingdom of Heaven will go forth and be received with fervor in Israel. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move with great power throughout the Land, and for Israel’s citizens – Jews and Arabs alike – to come to know their Messiah, Yeshua. It’s time for a renewed movement of salvation in the Land!

Friday, May 30 – Preparation of the Body of Messiah
Please pray that the Body of Messiah will ready herself for the difficult days that lie ahead, and that we will daily seek Him first and foremost so that we will not be deceived or fall away. Please pray that we will prepare ourselves to be a blessing and proclaim the HOPE we have in Yeshua to those around us who will be without hope.

Saturday, May 31 – Revival
Please pray for a massive revival within the hearts of the Disciples of Yeshua, within Israel and around the world, which will lead for a massive revival in Israel and all over the world.

May God Continue to bless you and work through you, and thank you for standing with us!


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