3rd Victim of Tel Aviv Attack Dies

Barak Lufen, a 35-year-old father of three succumbed to his wounds the day after being shot by a terrorist in Tel Aviv. Lufen is the third victim of the terror attack. The other two victims, Eitam Megini and Tomer Morad, both 27, were killed at the scene of the attack. The terrorist in the Tel Aviv attack was from Jenin, a Palestinian refugee camp in the Samaria region; photos from the town showed dozens celebrating the shooting in the streets. This is the latest in a string of shooting terror attacks over the past two weeks, in which 14 Israeli civilians have been murdered. Please continue to pray for peace in Israel and for protection over all Israelis – Jew and Arab alike. Please pray that as Passover nears, Israelis will be able to celebrate in safety and for healing to come to our land. Please also pray for the families of the slain, for comfort in this difficult time.

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