Parashat Bereishit (In the Beginning) Genesis 1:1-6:8


Parashat Bereishit (In the Beginning) Genesis 1:1-6:8

Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5-43:10

Do you really believe that HaShem created the heavens and the earth in six days? I certainly do. In fact for one to deny this is really to attack the omnipotence of G-d. A few months ago I read a book whose author is a professing believer (Why the Universe is the Way it is by Hugh Ross). He holds a Doctorate in the sciences and is truly a brilliant man. However he believes that the universe is several billion years old. His view is supported by the sciences because for matter to develop and for solar systems to evolve in the way that science reveals they do, then when one looks at the cosmos in its present condition it would have taken approximately 13.73 billion years(this number is found in Ross’ book, page 44). In regard to human life he states,

The perfect time for a life-habitable solar system to form was about 9.2 billion years after the beginning of the universe—no sooner, no later. Cosmic reasons include those cited previously, but these aren’t the only reasons. A number of terrestrial and solar system reasons account for the necessity of an additional 4.57-billion –year delay before the arrival of advanced life on the cosmic scene.” Page 48

Here is why I think it is good to check thoroughly what the scientific world writes. Do your math, 9.2 billion plus 4.57 billion equals 13.77 billion years, but Dr. Ross revealed that the earth is “only” 13.73 billion years old. Hence human life should be emerging in about another .04 billion years. I guess you and I and the other 6 billion inhabitants of earth are before our time.

Here is the real problem I have with those who want to attack the authority of Scripture. Let us assume that Dr. Ross is correct about the time needed to create a universe that is able to support life. This would be the case if G-d started from the beginning and allowed everything to develop in a natural way. This is not what the bible reveals. In Genesis chapter one and verse one it states that HaShem created the heavens and the earth, i.e. the cosmos, and it was in the state of chaos (void and formless). Things did not evolve naturally, but rather things came into being according to the commands of G-d—HaShem spoke. The classic example that is usually offered to help make this point is Adam. When he appeared in the Garden of Eden he was not an embryo that grew naturally, but from all accounts was a full grown male. If one would have taken a snap shot of him they would say that Adam must have been in the Garden at least 20 years in order to reach the maturity that he displayed.

The point is that when G-d created the world He placed things in a state that might have taken over 13 billion years, but the Living L-rd is not subjected to the laws of nature. He simply spoke and what might have taken “nature” some 13 billion years, HaShem did in a period of six days and six nights. By the way, if G-d wanted to, He could have done it all in a nanosecond. The six days that He took has theological implications and are not based on any Divine need on the part of G-d.

Be patient with science, eventually it will confirm the revelation of Scripture.

Shabbat Shalom

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