2022 Had Most Anti-Semitic Incidents Ever

The ADL released its annual report on anti-Semitic incidents recorded in the United States, and the numbers topped the charts for the 5th year running. Overall, there were 3,697 incidents in 2022, including 91 bomb threats. Some especially concerning statistics include the year over year rise in anti-Semitic incidents in K-12 schools and the explosion of anti-Semitic white supremacist propaganda.

Details have also recently emerged about a nefarious Iranian program which maps the locations of Diaspora Jewish communities and synagogues as well as US military bases and assets, presumably to target Diaspora Jews more easily.

Please pray for safety for Jewish communities around the world! Please pray for wisdom and protection over law enforcement as they seek to prevent and to investigate these incidents. Lastly, please pray for a wise and timely response from Israel and its allies to Iran.

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