150 Days of Captivity

It has now been 150 days since over 250 innocent people were wantonly kidnapped from their homes by Hamas terrorists. 134 of them remain in captivity in Gaza. Based on findings from IDF operations in Gaza and on the testimonies of hostages who have been released or rescued, those remaining suffer daily from physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as starvation. There are still two toddlers among the captives while others are wounded, sick or elderly.

In a barrage of deadly anti-tank fire this morning on the Galilee in northern Israel, an agricultural worker was sadly killed and at least seven others injured by shrapnel, two seriously.

A new poll published by the Wall Street Journal shows that close to 50% of Americans now believe that Israel has gone too far in its response to Hamas’ October 7th massacre. 30% say that the US is doing too much to support Israel while 33% responded that the Biden Admin needed to put more effort into supporting Gazans.

A female soldier was injured by gunfire in a prolonged IDF operationnear the Palestinian capital of Ramallah. Two terror suspects were arrested during the operation, whose purpose was to prevent and abort terrorist activity.

Please pray for the immediate and safe return of all the hostages remaining in Gaza! Please pray for healing for those injured today in the Galilee and in action. Lastly, please continue to pray for lasting international support for Israel.

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