About Us

Welcome to Hope for Israel! We are a service and resource-providing ministry that aims to bring the hope of the Messiah back to Israel. Since the year 2000, God has built this ministry to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Israel and the body of believers in the Land. We are also a resource center for current and timely news updates concerning Israel. We provide daily prayer alerts, Bible teachings, and weekly blogs in order to help you understand what God is doing in the Land, how to pray for Israel and equip you to filter everything through the Word of God.

Moran’s Testimony (Founder and Executive Director)
Hope for Israel was founded by Moran Rosenblit in 2000. Moran was born and raised in Israel. During his service in the Israeli army, Moran lost some close friends in a series of tragic events, causing him to lose hope for life and for Israel.

In 1997, Moran arrived in the United States where he hoped to make a new start. After accepting an invitation to visit Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, California, Moran was challenged by the pastor to seek the truth for himself.

In his search for the truth, Moran’s eyes were opened to the existence of God and the revelation of Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. As a result, Moran found genuine peace and hope. The Lord put a burning vision in Moran’s heart to return to Israel to share the hope he found in Messiah with the people of Israel. Moran is married to Melissa and they have three young children. They currently reside in a suburb of Jerusalem.

Moran has a series of blogs, teachings and videos that you can find here.

Speaking Engagements
Every year Moran and other experienced Hope for Israel affiliates travel worldwide on speaking tours to share about the hope of Messiah in Israel. If you would like to invite Moran or HFI affiliates to speak at your congregation or group gathering, please go here.

What We Do
At Hope for Israel, one of our highest callings is to proclaim the Kingdom of God to Israel through direct discipleship and acts of kindness and mercy; we strive to be the hands and feet of the Messiah, extending His love to those in need. We are also called to reach out to our brothers and sisters in the faith who are suffering from financial difficulties or persecution for their beliefs.

Since the year 2000 God has been providing us with more and more means to have an impact in Israel through the many service projects that have developed over time. We are blessed that every year we continue to grow in the number of people we are able to serve through our humanitarian projects and our investments in the local Jewish and Arab believers.

It is our desire that Hope for Israel and our projects will become financially sustainable in order to be able to continue to serve in the Land. Our Tours of Hope company was created to meet this very purpose. All of the profits from Tours of Hope go to cover overhead costs for Hope for Israel. Our goal is that, ultimately, 100% of donations given to Hope for Israel will fund current and future projects.

If you would like to become a partner of HFI and give a financial gift to these or any of our other projects, you may go to our donate page here.

Our 3-Fold Vision for Discipling Youth
The first stage of youth discipleship begins at NerYah, where about 90 middle and high school aged youth, coming from various congregations in Jerusalem, meet weekly for fellowship, worship, and the study of God’s Word. Living in a culture that is ignorant of and often hostile towards their faith, it is vital that the youth have a place to be encouraged and supported in their faith with the fellowship of believers their age and to receive discipleship and guidance of excellent youth leaders.

The second stage of the three-fold vision came into place in 2009 to provide much needed support and love for the believers who are in their army service. The army is one of the most challenging seasons in the life of believers. Young boys and girls at the age of 18 are separated from their parents, friends, and congregations. The life of a soldier can be lonely and full of temptations from the much more secular lifestyle found in the army. Every two weeks, we host a meeting for the soldiers where we worship and study the Word together, and empower them to stay in fellowship with others going through the same struggles. We also stay connected with them throughout the week to encourage them. And just to be sure they know we care, we send them care packages during the holiday season with a personal note and goodies to enjoy.

In 2010, when the vision for the third stage of the three-fold vision started to take place, HFI began to offer scholarships to former NerYah members who needed the financial assistance to study for their future careers. We also invest in these students on a personal level by offering one-on-one counselling to believers after their release from the army. These counselling sessions between one of our staff members and a former soldier is meant to provide guidance to the individual in all areas of life—personal, spiritual and professional.

Our Team
Hope for Israel is a dedicated team of Jewish and Gentile believers who are working together to see the Israel return to God. We believe that a condition for the second coming of our Messiah is the return of the Jewish people to God and a collective call of its people saying the words “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord” Matt 23:37-39 Though we come from all different walks of life, we stand together with one purpose – to devote our time and talents to bringing hope of our Messiah back to Israel, and to the restoration to Israel back to God.