Ukrainian Aliyah

Tens of thousands of Jewish Ukrainians are expected to seek immigration to Israel. Under Israeli law, anyone who can prove Jewish heritage through a parent or grandparent is eligible for immediate citizenship. Hundreds of Jewish Ukrainians have already applied for Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel), but the process can be long and arduous. The Ministry of Absorption, which is in charge of aliyah, took steps to streamline the process and make it easier for those fleeing war. There are concerns about Israel’s ability to absorb such a large amount of people at once, especially considering the existing housing shortage. Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine who are suffering from a very difficult war. Please also pray for all who seek to immigrate to Israel, for open doors and a smooth transition. Lastly, please pray that Israel will have more than enough resources to support a large Aliyah from Ukraine.

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