Thank You for Your Prayers

The past few weeks have been especially challenging and disheartening in Israel as constant word of daily, and oftentimes several times a day, terror attacks are wounding and taking the lives of innocent Israeli citizens. There are so many emotions that run through the hearts and minds of Israelis as they see their fellow countrymen become the victims of vicious hate crimes. Any one and every one feels that they could easily become the next victim of a terror attack. Fear, anger, distrust, sadness, confusion, and for some even hatred boils up inside. The nation must rely and trust on the protection provided by the state, yet every surprise attack makes the public feel more and more isolated in the struggle for survival. However, this is not the first and most likely, not the last time uprisings and waves of terrorism have struck the nation. The Israeli people have learned to become diligent, courageous, and resoundingly calm in the midst of the storm.

For all those of you who are standing with us and sending your love, support and most importantly prayer for Israeli during this difficult time, we want to say thank you. Thank you for interceding on behalf of the nation. We know and see the fruit of your prayers in the protective hand of God at work in our midst. Thankfully, after a horrific series of events yesterday, today has been quiet thus far — a much needed load taken off our shoulders. We do not know what the rest of today, or tomorrow or the coming days will bring, but we thank you for continuing to stand and pray with us. May God Bless You!

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