Report Submitted to Netanyahu on Racism Against Ethiopian Jews

The Justice Ministry submitted a report to PM Netanyahu outlining necessary immediate steps to eliminate racism against Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish community. The steps include more integration into public kindergartens and schools, as well as curbing the removal of children from their homes within the community.  Ethiopian Jews tend to experience prejudice from other Jewish groups within Israel, and the community is working to put an end to this terrible practice.  Please join us in praying for all people within Israel to be accepted and honored as the Lord has created them, namely in His image!  Please pray that this terrible reality of racism and prejudice against the Ethiopian Jewish community especially will be done away with, especially as children learn that we are all created equal in the Lord, and that the color of one’s skin does not determine one’s value.  Lastly, please pray that the Ethiopian believers in Yeshua will be a bright light in their community, to encourage and support one another.

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