PIJ Launches Major Military Drill in Gaza

A major military drill using live fire by terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza triggered alerts on Israel’s Homefront Command warning app due to a large number of missiles fired towards the Mediterranean from the terrorist enclave. The alerts warned residents to avoid open areas near the border, despite the missiles’ target being the ocean. According to a PIJ spokesperson, the exercise included the terror group’s armored, artillery and intelligence divisions. The spokesperson also stated that the drill was in preparation for a major strike on “Zionist” military targets.

The drill occurs against the backdrop of rising tensions in the Strip, including near-daily violent protests on the border and incendiary balloons released towards Israeli fields.

Please pray for deterrence against Gazan terrorist organizations. Please pray for a return to calm in Gaza. Lastly, please pray for safety for Israeli soldiers and civilians in the area.

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