Israeli Researchers Find Promising Drugs for COVID

A group of Israeli researchers at Hebrew University have identified 18 existing medicines that could successfully treat COVID-19. These scientists, led by Prof. Shy Arkin, tested these medicines based on their known ability to inhibit two specific parts of the virus. Arkin is quoted saying that these 18 drugs “exhibited remarkable potency against the whole virus in in vitro experiments.” If approved, these existing medications could be a total game-changer in our fight against the virus. The team of researchers is now looking to partner with a pharmaceutical company in order to further the tests. This will allow for official approval of the medications to treat patients with COVID-19, which is great news, especially those who are unvaccinated. Please pray for a successful outcome in their efforts! Please also pray that more scientists in Israel will continue to find ways to bless the world through their work. Lastly, please keep praying for a full recovery for all infected by the coronavirus.

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