Israel Prepared to Strike Iran

General Aviv Kochavi, the head of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), announced that Israel is prepared to strike Iran. He said “The progress of the Iranian nuclear program has led the IDF to accelerate its operational plans and the recently approved defense budget is earmarked for that.” Israel’s Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, alerted the world that Iran is apparently two months away from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Israel will do whatever is in its power to not let that happen. Iranian proxies surround Israel such as Hamas, Hizbollah, and Syrian forces. These entities continue to provoke Israel into a military confrontation. Please continue to pray for Israel’s protection from Iran and its threats to “wipe Israel off the map”. Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as they navigate these turbulent times. Lastly, please pray that the LORD will frustrate the plans of Israel’s enemies!

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