Israel Lifts Most Pandemic Restrictions

Today, Israel lifts most of the Coronavirus restrictions it put in place over a year ago when the pandemic was raging. Over 5 million of its population have received both doses of the vaccine. The contagion rate is way down, as is the number of people seriously ill. There will no longer be a cap in the number of people allowed to gather in any setting. In addition, all Israelis, regardless of their vaccination status, will be able to enter all public amenities. However, masks will remain mandatory indoors until further discussion on the matter. Travelers to Israel are still required to get tested before flying and upon arrival, as well as a serological test for antibodies to the virus. We are relieved to reach another milestone of returning to pre-pandemic times! Please continue to pray for Israel’s protection from variants of the virus that could enter as a result of travel. Please also pray for wisdom for Israeli officials as they continue to navigate the situation.

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