Egyptian President Invites PM Bennett

Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah-al-Sisi, invited Prime Minister Bennett for an official visit in the next few weeks. The last time a sitting Israeli Prime Minister traveled to Egypt was 2011, when Hosni Mubarak was in power. While Israel and Egypt have had diplomatic relations since the 1980’s, relations have not always been so warm. However, the challenging security situation in Gaza for both Egypt and Israel (both countries share a border with the Gaza Strip) warrants more cooperation. Egypt has been a key partner in negotiating ceasefires between Israel and Hamas over the past few years, and has taken a larger role in maintaining security in the region. Please pray for a fruitful visit for PM Bennett. Please also pray for wisdom for all parties involved, especially as concerns rise in the Middle East over extremism. Lastly, please pray for a continued positive relationship between Israel & Egypt.

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