Hope for Israel Intercessors Letter – December 2014

Dear Prayer Partners,

Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem! Unfortunately since last month’s prayer letter, the situation in Israel has not improved. Tensions continue to rise after several deadly and gruesome attacks that took place predominantly in Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria region, as well as one incident in Tel Aviv. Back to back for several weeks now there have been deadly shootings, stabbings, and car attacks by terrorists. The height of attacks occurred two weeks ago when two men entered a synagogue in West Jerusalem during morning prayers with guns, meat clever and knives and proceeded to kill as many men as possible in the synagogue. The story and images are gruesome and hard to believe, but this is the fruit of evil and hatred. Since then, the city of Jerusalem is filled with fear and division between Jews and Arabs. There have also been a number of attacks on behalf of Israeli’s against Arabs, continuing the cycle of violence. Please keep Israel in your prayers. Pray that God’s light will be found in the darkness and that people would turn from ways of violence. Pray for God’s will to be found among His beloved city, nation, and people.

Please join us in interceding on behalf of Israel for:

Prayer for Jerusalem: New reports of attacks occurred on a near daily basis throughout the month of November and reached their peek after the horrendous attack on the Jewish synagogue two weeks ago. Israelis and Arabs are walking around angry and fearful. Since the attack there have been a number of riots and incidents’ in retaliation, but thankfully no more deaths have occurred. Please pray that a spirit of fear will not overtake the Israeli population. Pray that trust and peace can be found through protection.

Pressing Issues Facing Israel: Outside of the constant threat of attacks in the country, there are a number of other pressing issues in Israel that need our prayers. To name a few topics on the table: defense challenges, negotiations with the Palestinians, Iran, ISIS, Hamas, boycotts against Israel, Israeli economy, poverty, and asylum seekers. With enemies surrounding on every border and difficult internal issues to address, Israel needs the prayers of friends. Please be praying for each of these issues individually and pray that God will strengthen and lead this nation to be a light to other nations around the world. Pray for discernment and wisdom for all of the decision-makers and for the people of Israel to grow closer to God.

Middle East Tensions: War continues to rage in Syria and Iraq. Terrorist groups like ISIS have taken advantage of the chaos that was brought with the war in Syria and used it to take over large masses of territory across the region. They continue to advance to the border of Turkey and Lebanon and are massacring innocent victims along the way and selling women and children into slavery. These atrocities that are occurring not so far from Israel’s borders are hard to imagine. We ask for your prayers for the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq. Pray for the international coalition that is leading a counteroffensive against ISIS militants. Pray for the Lord’s hand of protection over the innocent men, women and children who are caught up in the crossfire of a ruthless war. Please pray for the defeat of any enemy that seeks to kill and destroy. Pray for the light to overcome the darkness.

Israel and Palestinians: The “peace talks” have long been postponed after the war with Hamas this past summer. Hamas and Fatah leaders continue talks to build their alliance. Hamas has agreed to let the Palestinian Authority to operate and increase its presence and responsibilities in the Gaza Strip. For Israelis and Palestinians alike, currently neither party sees a legitimate partner to pursue peace with. Fatah is bonding with Hamas, and Israel refuses to deal with a terrorist organization. Please pray for the true Peace of God to fall on this Land. Pray for wisdom for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and for justice.

Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights as it is also called, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple. This year Hanukkah lasts from the evening of December 16th until sundown of the 24th and sufganyot (a special kind of donut for Hanukkah) can be found at every food shop in the city. Hanukkah is a time of joy and dedication, so we please ask that you will pray for protection over the nation during the holiday season and that it will be filled with joy and peace for all who celebrate.

Rain: Praise God that Israel has received an overabundance of rain this week all across the country. We are hoping that the water will rise above the red line in the places like the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, Israel’s major water sources. Please pray for a continued and steady amount of rain to fall on this dry Land. “Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime; it is the LORD who sends the thunderstorms. He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone.” Zechariah 10:1

BDS- Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: Starting at the beginning of the year HFI’s counter-BDS campaign will be launched. This is a special project that aims to inform people about the impact the international BDS movement is having on Israel and the world. This movement has caught much speed and is growing in followers daily, but we know that it is damaging in many ways. We aim to uncover lies being spoken and speak out the truth. As well, we want to provide you with practical ways to combat this issue in your own lives and communities. Please be praying for the staff at HFI as we enter into this campaign. We ask for prayers of wisdom, discernment, and a meek heart and not judgment. Please pray about how God could be asking you to be involved and speak truth in your own community.

Following are some ministry requests for Hope for Israel:

Moran – Moran will be traveling in the U.S. on a speaking tour for the month of December. He will be speaking in a number of gatherings in Florida and California. Please pray for safety and smoothness in his travels, which can oftentimes be tiring. Also, we ask for your prayers to cover Moran as he shares about what God is doing in Israel and through HFI during these difficult times. Pray that he will connect with the right partners and friends.

HFI Board – Please continue to pray for the Board as they always have important decisions for the ministry in front of them. Please keep their families in your prayers as well, that the arrows of the enemy will not penetrate, but that the LORD will shield them.

HFI Staff – Please continue to intercede for our staff members, board members, and ministry partners & their loved ones; please pray that we will walk in the victory that Yeshua has given us over illness and disease. Please continue to pray for His protection over our children’s hearts & minds as well. Please also pray for the entire staff in our work, that the LORD inspire and work through us to bring Himself glory in Israel.

Ner Yah Youth Group – Hanukkah is approaching in December and the youth will have the opportunity to volunteer and serve in their community. We ask for your prayers that a servant’s heart would grow in each member of the youth group. Please keep the youth of Ner Yah in your prayers, for their hearts and their walk with the Lord. Pray that their relationship with the Lord would strengthen and their lives would be such a light that they begin the influence the world around them. Pray that they will be thirsty for more of God and for their hearts to be open towards Him.

Ner Yah Leaders – We praise God for His answer to prayers as the leadership team of Ner Yah has bloomed into a wonderful group of strong and willing leaders that come with a servant’s heart. We thank God for His provision of David’s assistant Bat El who has added a great service to the team. Please continue to pray for the staff and student leadership team as they lead the group into a closer walk with God. Please pray that God would give them wisdom in knowing how to reach out and speak to the teens and show them the love of God.

Believing Soldiers’ Outreach – This outreach was established to meet the growing need for support of our young believing soldiers when they come home for Shabbat. Please pray for David and Sara who are leading this outreach – that they will walk in God’s anointing and wisdom for this new ministry opportunity. Please also pray that they will have a deep sensitivity to what the soldiers need as they continue to develop this department. Lastly, please pray for strengthening in this season of life for soldiers, that the Word of God would speak to their heart and that they will have the strength to turn and call upon the Lord.

Experience Israel Tour – Please pray for the 10th Anniversary Experience Israel tour February 27th-March 14th. We have a few spots left that need to be filled and we would appreciate if you could keep this in your prayers also. Pray that the Lord will bring the right people to join this tour and that all of the preparations and operations will be blessed.

HFI Project- Now that the winter cold has set in, we have been receiving many requests for help. We ask that you would pray for wisdom for us as we prayerfully consider how best to meet these needs.

Tour Department – One of the ways that Hope for Israel is able to supplement the ministry’s income is by organizing and leading tours to Israel. The tours also carry a strong ministry component, as tour participants often have opportunities to bless Israel via tangible acts of service. As the situation in Israel continues to heat up, it is more important than ever for followers of Messiah to show their support by physically coming to Israel. Please continue to pray that the LORD will bless this aspect of the ministry and that He would bring more and more people to witness His love on these tours.

Lastly, please continue to pray for the salvation of Israel & the Jewish people throughout the world; we long for the day when all Israel will recognize her Messiah and receive Him… “For if their rejection [of Yeshua] is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” Romans 11:15

In His Service,

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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