Day 93 – Hizballah “Retaliation” Begins

In what they say is the “beginning” of their response to the assassination of high-profile Hamas deputy Saleh al-Arouri last week, Hizballah shot a record 62 rockets on northern Israeli communities and military posts during the Jewish Shabbat (Saturday).

Exactly three months have passed since the war broke out – three months full of war, death, uncertainty and economic hardship. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have left their homes – and the damage to property in northern and southern Israel currently stands at over 20 billion shekels (over $270,000,000 US dollars).

The IDF Chief Spokesman indicated during a nightly press release yesterday that the IDF considers its main operational goals in northern Gaza to be accomplished, which included disabling Hamas’ military infrastructure and neutralizing the terror organization’s chain of command.

Tragically, a border police officer was killed and three other soldiers were wounded this morning during operational activity in the Palestinian terror hub of Jenin, when a roadside bomb exploded under their armored vehicle.

Additionally, an Israeli was tragically murdered in a terror attack this morning in the Binyamin region of Judea and Samaria. He was found dead with gunshot wounds in his car, along with a woman who was mortally wounded and evacuated for medical care. It is important to state that the man who was murdered was an Arab Israeli.

Please pray for comfort for the families of the fallen soldier and the victims of the terror attack. Please pray for safety and mental and emotional endurance for residents of northern Israel as Hizballah’s aggression mounts. Lastly, please pray for relief for struggling sectors of the Israeli population.

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