Day 58 – 11 Soldiers Injured In North

Friday morning, Hamas failed to turn over the list of hostages to be released that day and almost simultaneously fired rockets towards Israeli civilian areas. In response, the IDF renewed its offensive in the Gaza Strip. While in Gaza, IDF soldiers discovered numerous rockets hidden in packages sent to Gaza from the United Nations.

The IDF foiled an attack this morning over the Red Sea whose target was presumably Eilat. Lebanon and Syria both shot anti-tank missiles towards Israel over the weekend with one Syrian rocket falling in Israeli territory in the Golan Heights. Sirens also sounded after a barrage from Lebanon Sunday morning and eleven Israeli soldiers were injured by shrapnel from one of the rockets. Israel is striking back at the sources of the fire with artillery and airstrikes.

An Israeli Arab politician called on Palestinians to lay down their arms and work to achieve a political two-state solution that respects Israeli sovereignty. It is encouraging that many Israeli Arabs see the truth. Meanwhile, a CNN reporter was recently seen cutting short a live interview in Gaza with a Gazan man who blamed Turkey and Qatar for the Palestinian plight in Gaza. Had the same man chosen to blame Israel, it is likely that the reporter would have allowed him to keep talking.

Please pray for healing for the injured soldiers! Please pray for comfort for the families who have lost loved ones and for the return of ALL the hostages, including the soldiers’ bodies being held by Hamas. Lastly, please pray for Israeli families and communities who are once again under rocket fire from Hamas and Hizballah.

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