Day 48 – 13 Hostages to be Released!

Late Thursday afternoon, Qatar announced that a ceasefire will officially begin at 7:00am Friday morning and that the first 13 hostages will be released Friday afternoon at 4:00pm. Israel confirmed that they had received the list of women and children to be released. This is incredible news, but Hamas is notorious for double-crossing Israel during ceasefires; in other words, it remains to be seen how the deal will play out.

During operations in Gaza, the IDF found an air-conditioned command bunker with a bathroom inside a fortified tunnel under Shifa Hospital. The tunnel itself runs from the street outside the hospital to one of the buildings in the hospital complex.

The IDF also opened an additional humanitarian corridor today.

Yesterday, the Houthis took responsibility for an additional cruise missile fired towards Eilat, while a US destroyer downed several UAVs also fired by the Yemenite rebel group.

After numerous air raid sirens in northern Israel this morning, Hizballah said they had launched 48 rockets on communities in the Galilee, while Israeli sources reported around 35. This is the highest number of rockets fired towards northern Israel in one day since the beginning of the war. Two homes in an Israeli kibbutz suffered direct hits.

Sadly, the number of anti-Semitic incidents throughout the world continues to grow exponentially. One Jewish restaurant in New York City who donated profits to support Israel after October 7th had a swastika painted on its windows.

Please pray for the safe release of the hostages tomorrow and of ALL the hostages. Please continue to pray for protection over Israeli soldiers and civilians. Lastly, please pray against escalations with Hizballah and the Houthis!

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