Day 234 – The IDF’s work in the Gaza Strip

The IDF, working with intelligence agencies, conducted a precision airstrike on a Hamas compound in Rafah, eliminating two senior terrorists responsible for attacks in Judea and Samaria. The IDF confirmed the attack targeted legitimate threats, using precise weapons and intelligence, while acknowledging reports of civilian casualties, highlighting the challenges faced as Hamas uses human shields.

The IDF is working tirelessly to eradicate Hamas, disarm Gaza, and find the abductees. While fighting fiercely against terrorists who stop at nothing and use civilians as human shields, the IDF is fighting with caution to avoid harming the uninvolved.

Please pray for the safety of IDF soldiers and that everyone there will return healthy and whole to their homes.

Please pray for the success of IDF soldiers in all their operations.

Please pray for the many parents who sent their loved ones to fight defending Israel borders.










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