High Court Judicial Reform Hearing

Today, Israel’s High Court is debating the controversial judicial reform law. The Supreme Court convened a full 15-judge session to debate the legality of canceling the “reasonableness clause”, which constricts judicial oversight over government decisions. … Read More

Increasing Gun Violence

Israel is facing increasing gun violence. Early Friday morning, two men from central Israel fired at bouncers after being denied entry into a club. This is just another incident in Israel’s latest wave of violence, … Read More

Terror Cell Discovered Outside Jerusalem

Israeli secret service & police discovered a terror cell in Palestinian “refugee” camp, Shuafat. This neighborhood is on the outskirts of Jerusalem and has recently been more active in terror. They arrested four terrorists, aged … Read More

Multiple Terror Attacks

Two separate terror attacks occured in the span of 12 hours. Wednesday night, a 14-year-old Arab boy stabbed a 25-year-old Israeli man at a light-rail train station in Jerusalem. The 14-year-old was shot dead and … Read More

Heroines of Hanukkah

By Hope for Israel Staff Writer December 2022 Hannukah , often called the Festival of Lights, is a story of national courage and redemption, and generally centers around Matityahu the High Priest, and his five sons, … Read More

Arms Smuggling through Beirut Airport

Israel has threatened to strike Beirut International Airport over claims that Iran is smuggling weapons through it. Al-Arabiya reported that Iran smuggled weapons via the airline Meraj, which has begun flying directly between Tehran and … Read More

Terror in Jerusalem

By Mali Rozen November 2022 This past week, terror struck Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not immune to random terror attacks; for years, since the intifadas (Palestinian uprisings) of the 90’s and early 2000’s, there have been … Read More

Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Two explosions at different bus stops in Jerusalem killed one teen and injured 22. The explosions occurred in the early morning as Israelis waited for buses to commute to work. While this is a developing … Read More

Democracy in Danger?

Israel’s deficit of checks & balances could get even worse if the so-called “Override Law” comes into effect. The incoming government is slated to approve a law in which a 61 Knesset majority could override … Read More