Thank You Letter – Year End – January 2015

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Dear Faithful Partner of Hope for Israel, Shalom and Greetings to you in 2015! We hope this letter finds you and your families healthy and blessed in the New Year. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our friends and partners that helped contribute to Hope for Israel in 2014. It was a year full of major trials and triumphs in Israel, especially after the long and difficult … [Read more...]

Two severely wounded fight for their life

The bus driver and a 69-year old woman who were severely wounded in yesterday's terrorist attack are undergoing life-saving surgery at a hospital in Tel Aviv. After the bus driver was stabbed several times in the chest and stomach he still attempted to fight the terrorist who was on a mission to harm as many other people on the bus as possible. Please keep this man and woman in your prayers for … [Read more...]

Parashat Bo (Come) Exodus 10:1-13:16

בס"ד Parashat Bo (Come) Exodus 10:1-13:16 Haftarah: Jeremiah 46:13-28 A common question that I receive is in regard to Torah observance. Within the body of believers there is a movement called Messianic Judaism. Those that are a part of Messianic Judaism, whether they be Jewish or Gentile, want to worship HaShem and express their faith in Him and His Son Yeshua, in a manner that reflects many … [Read more...]

God’s Word (Part 4)

Often times, well meaning believers come to me with a nice smile and tell me, “Moran, your people, the Jewish people, are wonderful people”, I must say that this is something I enjoy hearing… “but” and here comes the true purpose of what they are trying to tell me, “but, they are missing the most important part of the puzzle… the center piece, which is Yeshua! Without that piece, the puzzle will … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Terror Attack on Tel Aviv Bus

This morning, an Arab man and resident in the Palestinian territories, who was illegally staying in Israel, got on a bus in Tel Aviv this morning stabbed the bus driver immediately and proceeded to stab several others on the bus before he got off the bus and tried to escape. The police chased him down, shot him in the leg, and took him into custody. 17 people were injured in the attack and many … [Read more...]

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Recently the ICC decided to open an investigation on the State of Israel for alleged violation of war crimes in this past summer's war in Gaza, Operation Protective Edge. This came simultaneously with the Palestinian Authority's new membership on the panel of the ICC beginning April 1. Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech and in it said, "Palestinians are cynically manipulating the ICC to deny … [Read more...]

Winter Warmth

For the past few weeks the winter weather has been at uncommon lows and there are many people in need of warm shelter. Thankfully temperatures have rose this week, but we want to keep those in need in our prayers for warm shelter and proper clothing and access to electricity. We may not know who all these people are individually, but God does. Pray also for a giving heart and helping hand to those … [Read more...]

Faith and Actions – אמונה ומעשים

אמונה ומעשים  יעקב פרק ב' פסוקים 14-26 פסוק 14 פותח בשאלה: האם אמונה ללא מעשים תוכל להושיענו? התשובה לשאלה ניתנת בצורת משל המתאר את אחינו השרויים במצוקה כלכלית, ללא בגדים ומזון ופונים אלינו לעזרה. אנו הקוראים לעצמנו מאמינים משלחים אותם מבלי לתת מענה אמיתי למצוקתם. אם כך אנו נוהגים כיצד הועלנו להם? את מסרו של המשל אנו מבינים בצורה ברורה מפסוק 17 המסביר לנו שאמונה ללא מעשים היא מתה. האמונה לא … [Read more...]

Protests spreading worldwide

In parts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East there has been an uprising in protests and terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists. Reports say this is due in part to the Charlie Hebdo edition that came out after the terrorist attack on their office last week. The magazine cover was an illustration of Muhammad, the very offense that the terrorists claimed they attacked the office for in the first … [Read more...]

Operation Eye of the Storm – Update

Last week we brought before you the needs of those in Israel who suffered through the cold front that swept in during the heavy storm that hit the entire country. Over 10,000 homes lost electricity and the freezing cold temperatures left soldiers, families and the elderly to subsist without heat. The storm has passed but it has left behind freezing temperatures uncommon for winters in Israel. We … [Read more...]