Prayer Points for Israel

Families of 3 Murdered Teens:  The suffering of the families whose sons disappeared in a kidnapping-turned-murder intensified when the boys’ bodies were found in a shallow grave near Hebron.  The tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians has also intensified exponentially since the bodies were discovered, and violent riots erupted between groups of extreme right-wing Jewish settlers … [Read more...]

Update from Jerusalem

Last week, I wrote this in my blog entry: “The enemy is very hard at work to divide Jerusalem, which will one day be the City of Peace, the city from where the Prince of Peace will rule.  The enemy’s battle over Jerusalem is intense and intentional; the powers of darkness are working overtime to make Jerusalem a place of division and war. But let us not lose sight of this city’s heavenly … [Read more...]

Parashat Balak: Numbers 22:2-25:9

בס"ד Parashat Balak: Numbers 22:2-25:9 Haftarah: Micah 5:6-6:8 In this week's Torah reading, we encounter a Gentile prophet by the name of Bilam (Balaam). This man truly heard from G-d, but sadly one learns in the New Testament that he was not faithful (See 2 Peter 2:15, Jude verse 11, and Revelation 2:14). It is this man who prophesied that the sign of Messiah's birth would be a star and … [Read more...]

Prayer Points for Israel

URGENT PRAYER ALERT The bodies of the three kidnapped teenagers have been found north of Hebron, in the Judea & Samaria region.  The teens went missing three weeks ago, and an intense search ensued as a result.  They were still believed to be alive, but sadly, their bodies were found today.  All of Israel mourns their deaths at the hands of Hamas terrorists, and we are all hoping those … [Read more...]

Prayer Points for Israel

3 Kidnapped Teens Still Missing: The search for three Israeli Yeshiva teenagers who were kidnapped two weeks ago continues. Two Palestinian men with ties to Hamas and who were involved in the kidnapping have been arrested, but they are not talking at all.  It is still not known if the boys are alive, and their families continue to wait in anguish for news of their loved ones.  Please continue to … [Read more...]

Parashat Chukat (Statute of) Numbers 19:1-22:1

בס"ד Parashat Chukat (Statute of) Numbers 19:1-22:1 Haftarah: Judges 11:1-33 World War II represented a period of great turmoil when more than sixty nations went to war and a total of approximately seventy million people died. Although there have been wars since this conflict, nothing has compared to the instability and suffering which this war brought. Messiah Yeshua taught that the Last … [Read more...]

“Jerusalem, which is built as a city that is connected together.” Psalm 122:3

As I wrote in the introduction to this series of entries on Psalm 122, I believe that this specific psalm is prophetic.  When King David wrote this psalm, Jerusalem was most likely built as one city, the Holy City, in which the walls were connected together with its homes and dwelling places.  In fact, some commentaries refer to this verse as confirmation of a place in which homes were connected … [Read more...]

Prayer Points for Israel

3 Kidnapped Teens Still Missing: The search for three Israeli Yeshiva teenagers who are believed kidnapped intensified over the last week.  It has now been a full week since they teens disappeared on their way home for the Sabbath, and no group has yet to take credit for the incident.  It is not known if the boys are still alive, or if they are being held for a possible Palestinian prisoner … [Read more...]

Parashat Korach Numbers 16:1-18:32

בס"ד Parashat Korach Numbers 16:1-18:32 Haftarah: I Samuel 11:14-12:22 In this week's Torah reading, one of the main themes is rebellion. It is clear from this passage that rebellion against G-d leads to death. Those who witnessed HaShem's response to the rebels were most fearful. After the incident with Korach's rebellion, HaShem affirms the leadership of Aaron and his sons (the priests) at … [Read more...]

Operation “Bring Back Our Brothers”

Due to the urgent matter that Israel is facing at the moment, and the fact that the media around the world chooses to minimize the reports about the situation that Israel faces today, as well as the fact that the eyes of many around the world today are focused more on the World Cup, I decided to take a break from my regular weekly devotional to write about Operation: Bring Back Our Brothers. On … [Read more...]