Wildfires in Judean Hills

One of Israel’s largest wildfires in years has been raging just outside of Jerusalem. The fire began on Sunday and only Tuesday morning did fire fighters announce it was under control. It burned thousands of acres, and the damage to property and wildlife has been immense. Parts of the fire are still burning at the time of this writing, and Israel’s fire chief warned that flames could spread easily if extreme heat and winds kick up. Israel asked for international help to fight the fire. Greece, Cyprus, Italy, and Croatia responded positively, but there may not be a need for their assistance. Arson is the confirmed source of the fire. Please pray for strength and refreshment for all fire fighters and police officers who are working around the clock to ensure people’s safety. Please also pray that the fire will be extinguished completely. Lastly, please pray for those who have lost their homes and businesses from the fire, for peace and strength to rebuild what has been lost.

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