UNESCO to vote on Jewish Connection to Temple Mount

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO will vote on a draft decision that will undermine Israel’s religious and historical connection to the Temple Mount.  The most troubling items in this draft are that UNESCO is accusing Israel of causing damage to holy Islamic sites, as well as suggesting that control over the Temple Mount go back to pre-1967 conditions (Israel won control over the site in the Six Day War…a defensive war brought on by the Arab nations). Additionally, they are seeking to deny any Jewish claim to the site, including the Western Wall (the holiest site in Judaism today).  Please pray for Israel as we are witnessing the nations rising against Jerusalem before our very eyes.  Jerusalem has always been a Jewish holy city, but the world denies this and even advocates for it to be taken away from Jewish rule.  Please pray for wisdom for Israel’s leaders, especially for Carmel Shama Hacohen, Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO, that they will be bold and wise in their defence of Israel’s right to the Temple Mount.  Lastly, pray that this plot of the enemy will be thwarted and stopped dead in its tracks!

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