Thank You Letter—September 2017

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem!

I am excited to share with you a report I received from T.G., who is one of the main leaders of the third stage of our 3-Fold Vision of discipleship, which is the vision God has instilled in us at Hope for Israel (HFI) for our work with the youth and young adults of Israel here in Jerusalem. The first stage of the 3-fold vision begins with the approximately 90 youth in our citywide youth group, called NerYah. The second stage of the vision continues with believing soldiers. The third and final stage of the vision involves our outreach to those who’ve completed their military service and are now either studying at university or training for a technical career. Here is what she recently wrote:

I’m T.G. and I work with college students in our discipleship program by providing them with guidance counseling. What is unique about my work with the college students through Hope for Israel is that I am both there for them in their day-to-day struggles, and also part of a team that is offering them financial assistance in their studies. I am so blessed by the feedback I’ve received from the students and I want to share some things the students wrote to me regarding their experience with HFI during the 2016–2017 academic year:

  • One student who is studying law said: “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance and help that you have given me.”
  • A student, who is studying for a degree in communications said: “Thank you for the financial, emotional, and spiritual guidance and support!”
  • Another student who is studying for a degree in advanced mathematics wrote, “Hope for Israel has been there for me since my youth. Coming from a single-parent, low-income home, it’s only because of Hope for Israel that I can follow my dream of getting a degree in mathematics.”
  • Yet another student studying for a degree in occupational therapy said: “Thanks to your help, and of course our Lord, I managed to finish one of my hardest years at the university with many moments of joy and fulfillment—and that, despite the challenges I face as someone dealing with diabetes.”

All our students are studying in programs in which they are surrounded by people who don’t yet know the Lord. As Hope for Israel provides assistance in the simple things like balancing between school, work and home, we aspire to empower the next generation in Israel to excel in academic studies and to be filled with a contagious love for the Lord, which they carry with them wherever they go! Thank you for partnering with me and with Hope for Israel in this exciting adventure of discipleship in Israel! Sincerely, T.G.

This report is so encouraging to me and I hope to you as well! The Lord’s faithful provision through friends like you enable us to continue this important work in Israel, and to expand our reach to as many young people as He brings to us. Thank you for entrusting your offering to Hope for Israel! May you see His hand of blessing as a result of our partnership.

Thank you from Jerusalem,


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