Thank You Letter—November 2017

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem!

This past month, Hope for Israel distributed significant scholarships to 12 Israeli university students for this upcoming school year!

Hope for Israel’s scholarship program is part of our “Three-fold Vision” of discipling young Israeli believers. Our heart is for encouraging these young people not only in their spiritual walk, but also in their professional lives. We strongly desire to help them go on to higher education after their military service, which gives them not only a head start on their new path as adults, but also strengthens the Body of Messiah in Israel. These young people move on to be influential in their various professions, bringing glory to the Lord!

We hosted a meeting for the scholarship recipients this past month, not only to give them the details of the scholarship, but also to bless and encourage them as they begin this exciting period of their lives. One of the students, “B”, wrote us a very kind note, expressing her gratitude for the many people behind Hope for Israel (including you!) who stand with her in this journey:

“It’s important for me to express to you, Moran, and those who partake in this vision a big THANK YOU! It was clear in the meeting that you are seriously invested in our future. I left feeling stronger personally, professionally, and most important, spiritually. I love the fact that the meeting wasn’t just for practical purposes, but also was a means for spiritual enrichment, encouragement, and discipleship. It was also a blessing to hear the testimonies of the second-year students of their experiences, as it encouraged me tremendously!” — B

Thank you for entrusting your tithe to Hope for Israel as we continue to disciple these young Israeli men and women in this next phase of their lives! I am personally very thankful to you, and I highly value your partnership with Hope for Israel as we work together to build His kingdom!


In His service,

Moran Rosenblit
Founder & Executive Director
Hope for Israel


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