Thank You Letter—March 2018

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem!
As we approach the end of our winter season in Israel, I want to thank you for your help in responding to various requests we received for winter gear for numerous people in need of it.
          Many people outside of Israel do not realize just how cold it gets, especially in the mountainous regions of the country.  We reach below freezing temperatures in many parts of Israel! For people who may not have the financial means to purchase the necessary winter equipment to keep warm, this can present quite a challenge. We wanted to alleviate some stress in this area! To that end, we were able to provide all kinds of winter gear, from jackets, to gloves, to neck warmers, to warm undergarments to ensure people’s warmth! Many were so grateful for the care and concern that we showed them in Yeshua’s name.
          I personally thank you for entrusting your love offering to Hope for Israel as we seek to bless and encourage the people of Israel. It is always a privilege to bless them in a practical way.

In His service,
Moran Rosenblit
Founder & Executive Director
Hope for Israel


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