Thank You Letter—June 2018

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem!

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem! We are wrapping up another incredible year of our youth ministry, NerYah. We welcomed a new member to our leadership team this year, Tziyon, and we asked her to share about her experience working with the youth group:

My name is Tziyon and I started to work with Hope for Israel at the beginning of the school year as the program coordinator of NerYah. I heard about NerYah from many youth, as well as my siblings, but did not really understand what it was, or how it differed from other youth groups. But I quickly came to understand what’s special about NerYah. The most prominent thing in the youth group is the freedom, openness, and love between everyone, where everyone is of one mind and heart, and where no one is judged for whatever s/he might be going through. It is also a place where we address relevant issues facing the youth today.

One of the most effective things about NerYah is that the youth receive personal, practical guidance to deal with difficult things in their lives. Often, they don’t get this from their congregations and many youth end up falling through the cracks. I’ve seen that the Body of Messiah loses many young people who are struggling simply because no one seems interested in being there to help them through.

The personal meetings that we have with the youth help us as leaders to know them better; this gives every single youth the opportunity to come to us, share about what they’re going through, and receive some encouragement. The youth take our advice very seriously, which has caused me to seek the Lord more and more, and to strengthen my walk with Him, not just for me, but also for the youth that I am guiding. Working with the youth has given me the chance to understand that they look to me as an example – this is a big responsibility!

My time at Hope for Israel has helped me to learn more about myself, about the Word, and also how I can contribute to strengthening the Body of Messiah in Israel. I am grateful for the tools I’ve received at HFI that help me not just in my work, but also in my service to the Body of Messiah, and any other place in which I’ll be in my future!

I personally thank you for partnering with Hope for Israel as we build up the young believers in Jerusalem! They are the future of the Body of Messiah and we are hopeful that He will continue to do a good work in them.

In His service,
Moran Rosenblit
Founder & Executive Director
Hope for Israel

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