Thank You Letter—July 2018

Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem!

Thank you for partnering with Hope for Israel as we seek to help Israelis from all walks of life in their times of need.

I recently received a call from a colleague in Israel about a young man who was in a desperate situation. His father had abandoned his family, leaving his mother totally alone to raise her sons. Sadly, his mother had been recently committed to a mental hospital, and being the only son at home, he was left alone. The family’s apartment was in a tough neighborhood to begin with, and fell into a decrepit condition where it became a health hazard to live in. The young man was desperate for help, but didn’t know where to turn.

This is where you came in! With your help, Hope for Israel came alongside this young man and we sponsored a complete renovation of the bathroom and kitchen, as well as a professional cleaning for the rest of the apartment. He is now able to live in a clean home that’s not a hazard to his health, and is so grateful! He told me what an amazing difference it has made for him. In his words, “Before your help, all I saw was darkness – now I see light and have hope.”

I personally thank you for entrusting your love offering to Hope for Israel. It is a privilege to bless the people of Israel, especially when they find themselves in tough situations. We can be a source of the Lord’s encouragement for them in those times of need!

In His service, Moran Rosenblit Founder & Executive Director Hope for Israel Jerusalem

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