The “Peace Plan”

Although we know true peace will not be achieved until the return of Messiah, we also know that the enemy is at work to destroy all efforts to develop a viable “peace plan” for now.

It seems that the US administration has something they’re waiting to release until the right moment, although that moment seems as though it may never come. This November 6 marks the midterm elections in the US and the forecast is that the tide will turn more favorably towards the Democrats who are less supportive of Israel.

France is now threatening to present their own peace plan which would seek the traditional two-state solution along the pre-1967 borders and with Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state. The French emphasis on the two-state solution is dangerous as it encourages giving up land that God promised to Israel as well as giving away land that is legitimately Israel’s since Israel won the wars.

Lastly, China is being invited by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to get in on the negotiations and to present a peace plan of their own. Mahmoud Abbas presented his own peace plan this past February and expects that the Chinese government would be more favorable towards the PA in getting Israel to meet their demands.

Pray with us that a legitimate peace plan will be proposed that will respect realistic security concerns and the reality that Israel won the wars while also honoring the fact that God gave this land to Israel. At the same time, pray with us that any peace plans will be truly effective in addressing the humanitarian crisis due to the constant oppression caused by Hamas in Gaza along with the corruption of PA officials such as Mahmoud Abbas.

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