Summer 2018

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are perhaps the most heavily criticized and maligned armed forces in the world… and the most misunderstood. It is no secret that the media throughout the world jump at any opportunity to bash the IDF, even to the point of slander. Indeed, as Professor Eugene Kontorovich prudently observed, “There is a basic appetite for criticism of Israel.” But we must ask if this kind of criticism is warranted, and based on facts…

Join one of Hope for Israel’s tours!
Join one of Hope for Israel’s tours!
Join one of Hope for Israel’s tours!
Join one of Hope for Israel’s tours!
Here are some things tour participants are saying about their experience with us:

“I feel forever changed by this trip. It was much different for me than the other tours I’ve joined! Ending the time in Israel at Caesarea Maritima from where Paul would have launched his boat, and then picking back up in Greece near Neopolis where he would have landed, was pretty great!”
— A.T. 2017 Tour Participant

“Before coming to Israel, reading the Bible was like watching TV in black and white. Afterwards, it was like watching HD color TV!”
— C.C. (Pastor)

“Moran, you and your team have definitely created (with God’s guidance), a unique and powerful vehicle through which to convey the miracle of Israel, its people, its history and its relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”
— C.M. 2018 Tour Participant

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