September 18, 2013

Succot Begins at Sundown:  The biblical feast of Succot (or the “Feast of Tabernacles”, “Feast of Booths”) begins on September 18th at sundown.  This is a week-long feast that comes from the commandment to the Children of Israel to observe God’s appointed times, one of which is the feast of Succot (Leviticus 23).  The commandment to dwell in temporary shelters (succah in Hebrew) is a reminder that our dwelling here on earth is temporary and is also a prophetic picture of the future Messianic age when Yeshua will rule and dwell amongst us.  Please pray for a peaceful time during this feast, as families and friends will gather together to celebrate God’s provision, and to remember our temporary nature on this earth.  Please pray for a time of great spiritual revelation of God’s provision for redemption through Yeshua, as He is our covering! 

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