Prayer Points for Israel

Gaza Ceasefire “Dead”:  The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel since Israel’s last military operation in Gaza one year ago has been declared “dead”.  Hamas has shot an average of one rocket a day since 2014 began, which is a 98% increase over the last year.  Israel is considering further retaliation strikes, and we could be on the brink of yet another operation in Gaza.  Please pray for God’s immediate intervention in this situation, and for His wisdom for Israel as she continues to deal with hostile enemies who seek her total destruction.

UN Launches a “Year of Solidarity with Palestinians”:  Ban Ki Moon just announced that 2014 will be a year of “solidarity” with the Palestinians, and called again for a “viable Palestinian State” to be established, while “ending the Israeli occupation that began in 1967”.  This is a very dangerous stance as it will bring further motivation to attack Israel from all sides, especially as the current round of “peace” talks continues to fail.  Please pray for Israel in this difficult time!  Please pray, as we will only continue to see such rising up against her, that those who know the truth of Scripture will be bold in our defense of Israel, and not stay silent.  Please also pray for wisdom for Israel’s government in this challenging time where much pressure is coming from all sides.

US Approves $3.1 billion in aid for Israel:  The US House of Representatives recently passed a bill approving $3.1 billion in aid for Israel’s defense, as well as penalizing the Palestinians if they seek statehood from the UN rather than through direct talks with Israel.  The bill, while recognizing Israel’s great security need, also raises concern that the US will use this funding as leverage in order to pressure Israel into making dangerous concessions for “peace” with the Palestinians.  Please pray for God’s blessing over America for continuing to support Israel during a time when many countries are turning on her. Please also pray that Israel will not bow down to outside sources that pressure her to give up important strategic land and borders for peace that is not even desired by the other side.  Please also pray that Israel will be wise about accepting aid from other countries that ultimately have ulterior motives behind their support. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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