Prayer Points for Israel

Friday, May 2 – Israel’s Defenders

Please pray for those young men and women who keep watch over Israel’s borders and defend her day and night.  Please pray for their salvation, first and foremost, and for His divine protection over them.  Please also pray for continued intelligence to prevent attacks before they happen, and for wisdom to keep terrorists at bay.

Saturday, May 3 – Arab Spring

Please pray that the current Islamic uprising in the Middle East will turn into a great revival for salvation in the Arab world.

Sunday, May 4 – Israel’s Enemies

Please pray for the salvation of Israel’s enemies, and that they will see that they are not fighting Israel, but the God of Israel.

Monday, May 5 – Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day for Victims of Terror and War)

Please pray for God’s comfort and healing for all of the families who have lost their loved ones during the different Israeli wars and terror attacks. Please also pray for healing for those who were wounded during those attacks.

Tuesday, May 6 – Independence Day

Please pray for the people of Israel to see that it was God who brought them back to the Land, and that true Independence can only be found in Him. Please also pray for safety during the celebrations throughout the world on this day.

Wednesday, May 7 – Sex Trafficking

Israel, sadly, is one of the top countries in the world for sex trafficking.  Sexual slavery is a lucrative “business” in Israel, and it is bringing much darkness to the Land.  Please pray for a breakthrough in this stronghold of the enemy in the Land and over the people of Israel.  Please pray for stricter laws punishing those involved, and for the women and girls to be freed from the slavery.

Thursday, May 8 – Organized Crime in Israel

Please intercede for this serious problem that is rapidly growing in Israel.  Please pray that the evil of organized crime will be stopped and that the Israeli police and security offices will successfully put an end to this phenomenon, which is getting worse.

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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